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After Cooper Adams tells the world the shocking truth about the origin of the catastrophic Brushfire Plague, he faces a series of dire consequences. Driven from.
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Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I really enjoyed Brushfire, the art was nightmarish, brilliant, and creative as I expected. Barlowe's account of his experiences trying to get the "models" to sit for him long enough so he could paint them was engaging and amusing.

Brushfire Plague: Reckoning by R.P. Ruggiero

Hopefully he'll do a third book about his Hell and it'll be even better than his first two! To sum up, I think anyone who loves Inferno will love this; I'm definitely glad I got it. Wayne Barlowe's demonic art is really difficult to find, mostly because his book Inferno has been sold out for some time now, and there doesn't seem to be news of reprinting.

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Brushfire is a companion piece, Inferno's little brother, and an excellent sample of Barlowe's art. The artwork is haunting, and the brief stories surrounding each piece just leave you asking "what if?


Barlowe does a good job of presenting a Beksinski-like view of hell, far detached from the conventional horn-and-pointy-tail devil image in popular culture with its wooden-like rotten skins and deformed faces. The thing about Barlow is that, in the end, whether you might like his artwork or not, you get undoubtedly pulled within his world, and it takes a while to get out. Read full review.

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A soaring, sweeping, riveting journey into Hell. Startling and amazing, it filled me with both awe and terror. Hell has always been a source of fascination with me and this book exceeds what my imagination could conjure.

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I have always been a fan of Wayne Barlowe's work but have been especially interested in his work concerning Hell. I feel he is unrivaled in his awesome depictions of this dreaded place. Some of the paintings are absolutely chilling, all are moving. This book is absolutely amazing,stunning. Can anyone remember when registering a long gun prevented a crime? Also from the big apple- The New York Police Department sent two detectives to Kenya to collect lessons learned from mass murders in the Nairobi Westgate mall. They learned there were only four attackers.

The attackers never fired automatic weapons.

They had a few grenades. They killed 67, wounded over , and slipped out of the mall and escaped at night after 18 hours in the mall. The lessons learned for civilians are to leave the building rather than hide in place.. This could happen here! The seminar includes presentations on how to harden your home, prepare a safe room, alert the police, and how to apply for a New Jersey Firearms Identification Card.

The event is free, yes FREE! But, registration is required and the event is expected to fill up quickly. See the NJ2AS site or check our show notes for the link. Reminds me that best defense against an armed attacker is a locked door. In the next segment we have an interview with author RP Ruggiero. It was an interesting interview, and we have links in the show notes if you want to buy his books for Christmas.