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Shari begins her journey as a year-old librarian from central Kentucky. She was making her way to southern Illinois to spend Easter with her parents when.
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But one thing that all of these movies have in common is a big-scale feel towards their stories. These films, even the small ones, feel more like horror-event films, encouraging people to come and join the party. There are big names and high concepts present in these films, almost guaranteeing a level of success. But One Cut of the Dead has none of these advantages. The zombie comedy has a cast of unknown actors and a director, Shinichiro Ueda , whose shorts and features were pretty lowkey before coming out with the acclaimed zombie comedy in Two years later and now One Cut of the Dead can accurately be described as an indie phenomenon.

Why else would they fork up money to pay for a low-budget zombie comedy with less-than-convincing zombies chasing around a hapless film crew? From here on out, there will be major spoilers for One Cut of the Dead. If you have not seen it and want to be surprised, refrain from reading further. One Cut of the Dead makes a huge plunge in its first act, subjecting the audience to a lengthy 40 minutes in fact take depicting a hack director freaking out on his film crew for being unable to film a scene from his zombie film to his liking.

This rage causes him to use the fake blood from his film to summon real zombies onto the set as he holds a camera and insists on shooting the whole thing guerilla style, a la Tropic Thunder. From there, we get the film crew running around the abandoned water plant used for filming as zombies clumsily try to eat them all.

The zombies themselves seem a little air-headed, with the majority of them stumbling and falling over.

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Despite some pretty obvious mistakes and hints, the film never truly reveals its hand until the end of the minute take, where the jig is officially up and the film instead plays on like a family comedy. Essentially, One Cut of the Dead is a movie about making a zombie movie, with mild-mannered director, Takayuki Higurashi, being approached to helm a minute long zombie film to be broadcast live on a horror TV channel.

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One camera is to be used in one continuous take for the live audience and with the small crew and budget he has, this proves to somehow be far scarier than any hypothetical zombie invasion. The concept, when boiled down, is something that general audiences unfamiliar with the film industry may not resonate with; and the film itself is not scary in the slightest. Robocop features a sci-fi version of the Revenant with a murdered cop getting brought back as a cyborg and trying to arrest his murderers.

What really brings the title cop back is arresting the first of the bad guys that killed him. From that moment on, he spends the rest of the film seeking just revenge. The Buckners in The Cabin in the Woods. While they have the rotting appearance of regular zombies, this is more because they're a clan of "pain-worshiping backwoods idiots" who horrifically tortured themselves to death only to be revived when Dana read the Latin in Patience Buckner's diary out loud.

They subject the college kids in the titular cabin to the same tortures they inflicted on themselves, proving more than smart enough to saw Jules' head off, swing a bear trap on the end of an Epic Flail , or hide and get the jump on them. Notably, the Controllers draw a sharp distinction between the Buckners and regular old zombies, as one of them finds out the hard way when, as part of the Side Bet that the staff have going, she bets on the kids unleashing zombies only for Sitterson to inform her that the Buckners are actually the "zombie redneck torture family".

This sets him quite apart from the many monstrous undead Lone Wolf is usually confronted to. Dire is also the protagonist in two mini-stories, from the books The Legacy of Vashna and Wolf's Bane. In Bone Song by John Meaney, the zombies are this. They do not rot in spite of being dead, they have some magical powers which the humans don't have, and most importantly, they retain the human personality they had in life, being capable of love and other feelings.

Zombies vs. Unicorns story "Cold Hands" has zombies most like this - something about the area makes dead people just rise from the grave sometimes, but they're fairly benign, retain some intelligence and memories, and are usually put to work doing menial labor. James especially is a Type R. The French revenant zombies from Amy Plum's Revenant series.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

Besides, they are all quite attractive , and the heroine has a romance with one of them, namely Vincent. People who have chosen the unusual step of keeping their deceased bodies after a death which allowed some of their brain or consciousness to survive as a mind-copy. Most people choose to have their mind copies uploaded into a new human or robotic body, whilst these guys prefer being animated with cybernetics and preserved with chemicals.

May or may not have any living parts remaining. The zombies in Skulduggery Pleasant will slowly decompose and will follow any order given by their master, but they retain all their memories and their personality. This gets played for laugh when Vaurien Scapegrace is zombified and order to bite some mortals and turn them into zombies - because they retain their personalities, the members of the zombie horde act like average people, at one point bickering about whether or not flesh or brains would taste better. The zombies of Terry Pratchett 's Discworld mostly fall under this classification.

They are completely sentient, and generally maintain their old personalities to every extent, but are basically powered by their will to live; a person who becomes a zombie is generally much stronger than they used to be, being unburdened by all the creakiness of their old body. Although, if it's not properly preserved, it'll fall to bits, and many zombies are covered in stitches.

The lurching Zombie Gait is explained as being because, with their entire autonomous nervous system shut down, they have to think about every move they make and control their muscles consciously. Also, being dead, they tend to smell. They're not considered a problem by the living population, although there are prejudices.

The novels have featured three zombies as main or recurring characters: Reginald Shoe, a former romantic revolutionary, who after his death in the Ankh-Morpork civil war or rather, the last substantial one, in Night Watch , not the civil war that overthrew the last King of Ankh thirty years prior to the present time became a mortuary worker and fervent Death Rights activist.

After the events of Feet of Clay , he also became the first and so far only zombie recruit of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. He is a highly valued policeman, known for his calm and laconic humour. The wizard Windle Poons, who, after his death aged years old in Reaper Man became a zombie due to the fact that Death was temporarily not available to take away Poons' soul.

The undead Poons had more fun during the couple of days spent as a zombie than during the years prior.

The Revenant Express

Slant , a lawyer and president of the Guild of Lawyers. Has no discernible sense of humour. In fact, it is said that the only effect death had on Mr. Slant was that he started working through his lunch break. His will to live originates from the fact that his descendants still refuse to pay him for the case where he defended himself, lost, and was beheaded.

“The Last Zombie”

Though not a recurring character, Witches Abroad features Baron Saturday who was revived as a zombie by a local witch. Other than the method of revival, he doesn't differ from any of the other zombies in Discworld , not going about eating brains or Human flesh or what have you. And it's stated that the ritual to create a zombie depends on the dead person co-operating. He just happens to become the embodiment of Voodoo magic, a consciously created god, and a Captain Ersatz of our world's Baron Samedi.

Though in Monstrous Regiment there are the standard shuffling zombie kind in the form of former soldiers in the castle catacombs, being kept alive by the Duchess who in turn is being kept alive by all the prayers sent in her direction as opposed to the Gods. Reginald Shoe actually observes them and says that they could be rehabilitated with some effort. It should be noted that Reg also says that of the perfectly ordinary dead inhabiting the graveyards.

Elsewhere in the book these zombies are described as mere memories on legs.


Mercedes Lackey 's Phoenix and Ashes offers incorporeal revenants, distinct from true ghosts in that they are so obsessed with revenge that they cannot think rationally. Shadow's wife, in American Gods , is brought back as one of these after Shadow unwittingly leaves a very special gold coin in her grave during the burial. She is still decaying slowly, thanks to the formaldehyde , but retains all her memories and love for Shadow. In Brenna Yovanoff's debut novel The Replacement which is about the trials of a changeling boy who was kept alive by the love of his sister and wants to stop his girlfriend's kid sibling from being sacrificed any changeling kid who is not kept alive can become this, if you dig them up and say the right words.

The Morrigan's court is populated by these, called "the blue girls", who mostly act just like normal humans — except for the fact that they died when they were only babies, and grew up. Also, they're rotting. One girl is described as having a mouth full of maggots, another has her collarbones showing. And another one likes to play with the gash on her throat — which the parents of the girl she was switched for cut there themselves at the crossroads underneath a full moon. In A Song of Ice and Fire , this is the case for people who are resurrected with the flames of Rh'llor retain their consciousness and memories although they seem to increasingly lose identity if resurrected more than once.

I'm FEATURED in This AWESOME Story Map! ("DEAD SILENCE PT. 2" Custom Zombies LIVE - Black Ops 3)

There's also the character known as Coldhands, who appears to be a unique example of a wight that retained humanity and also appears to have an element of the singlemindedness he was a member of the Night's Watch in life and remains loyal to it. The Returned of Warbreaker are humans who died, but were granted a chance to return to life in order to accomplish some goal. The Return causes them to lose their memories, so they don't actually know what they came back to do , and they need to eat one human soul a week in order to stay "alive".

The "hungry dead" of Graveminder by Melissa Marr seem to be mostly this type. Revenant-type undeads often figure in the Sagas of Icelanders. They are basically living corpses rising from their graves, are often supernaturally strong, and can drive animals and people mad or make them sick by their mere presence. In Eyrbyggja Saga , Thorolf Twist-foot turns into a draugr after death.

In Portlandtown The Hanged Man is sapient, capable of speech, and motivated by a desire to get his gun back and to kill those he feels wronged him.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

An Army of the Dead has, as the title suggests, a whole army of revenant undead. They only last a battle, however. There is a living working class, but as soon as people get any chance of social climbing they have themselves killed and raised. The city's language apparently consists entirely of quiet wordless sounds, capable of being created by someone whose mouth has been sewn shut to stop their spirit escaping and whose lungs have mostly decayed.

In The Nekropolis Archives , the protagonist Matthew Richter is a revenant zombie who retains his memory, personality, and free will. This is highly unusual, as most zombies in Nekropolis are either of the ravenous flesh-eating time or the mindless voodoo servant type. The ghost lore in Expiration Date includes a phenomenon where a person will die and not notice , effectively a case of ghostly possession where the ghost is possessing their own dead body. Usually the ghost realizes what happened pretty quickly, and in most cases the shock is enough to make them let go of the body and move on, but a person with sufficient Unfinished Business may hang on even then.

A significant supporting character in the novel was killed by the villain years before the novel opens, but is still hanging around; he has retained all his mental faculties, but even with the precautions he's taken, his body is not holding together as well as it used to. Talion: Revenant : Nekkehts are this, as indicated by the book's name.

They are reanimated using a particular kind of captured soul named rhasa and can be used for any number of things by whoever controls them. A nekkeht retains their skills, though not memories, when its body is in good condition. In Fablehaven a revenant is the guardian of one of the most dangerous areas of the reserve, though in-universe a revenant is an undead creature animated by a powerful cursed talisman which provides them almost all of their power.

Whether or not they have any memories of their past lives or the person they once were is never confirmed or denied.

In The Witchlands , all Cleaved are Technically Living Zombies whose sole purpose is to kill every non-Cleaved person around them, but some retain their intelligence and memories and have more complex motives. Live-Action TV. Kai from Lexx is essentially this, but with a few modifications. Owen Harper is killed in series 2 of Torchwood and is zombified the next episode. He's perfectly normal other than the fact most of his bodily systems no longer function.