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When the world was first formed, the Lord and Satanel made an agreement that each would have one thousand years of dominion over the Earth. Now, it is the.
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e-book THE FOREVER BORN: Book One of Chronicles of the Guardian Planet

When her life is threatened, Ella is saved in the nick of time, only to find Lukas is a bounty hunter from Hell. Trusting the enigmatic demon with her darkest secret, Ella Ward is inexplicably drawn to Lukas. Expand text… Fighting a mutual attraction, she accepts his offer of protection, only to be dragged headlong into a world she barely knew existed. A world where demons tangle with vampires and shifters and Hell literally breaks loose.

Together they hunt down an artefact stolen from Hell. Close on their tail is the vampire Mistress of London, bent on tearing apart the mystery surrounding who Ella really is. Without warning, Ella's unknown powers explode. Can she survive the ensuing storm? Or will she lose her heart and soul in the process? If you like tension filled, steamy supernatural romances then you'll love Demon's Destiny, the gripping first installment to the paranormal romance series, After Dark.

When best friend, Ella, puts her in touch with the new head of London's bloodthirsty underbelly, she's drawn into a world she wanted no part of. Gavin isn't what she expected. He gives her his word he'll look into her vampire problem, but he also offers something else entirely. The spark in his bright green eyes is impossible for her to resist. Ella's aversion to vampires causes a major rift between the best friends. Daisy can't help but wonder what really happened the night Ella killed Gavin's predecessor.

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Will she survive the night? Or will she succumb just to end her misery? If you like tension filled, steamy supernatural romances, fiery heroines and equally sultry heroes then you'll love Vampire's Kiss, the gripping second installment to the paranormal romance series, After Dark. When she offers up herself in his place, her father sends her off to track down another demon he thinks can help.

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    University of Toronto. University of Victoria. University of Waterloo. University of Western Ontario. University of Winnipeg Bookstore. Volume One. Words Worth. Yellowknife Book Cellar. About The Book. It bloomed like a strange flower at the edge of the the solar system, dwarfing Pluto in its size and majesty. It was beautiful; theory become real. The eyes of the Earth turned upon it, and the space telescope Walton was redirected to examine it more closely. Within days, images were being sent back to Earth.

    What Walton revealed was a kind of blister in space, a lens-like swelling in the fabric of the universe. As one scientist remarked, to the discomfort of her peers, it looked almost as if humanity were being examined in turn. The stars behind it were distorted, and slightly off-kilter, an effect explained by the huge amount of negative energy necessary to keep the wormhole open. Why had it not been seen before? Was it a natural phenomenon, or something more sinister? The early years of the twenty-first century had yet to offer any proof that mankind was not alone in the universe.

    Shortly after the discovery of the wormhole, mankind received conclusive evidence that the universe was more crowded than it had ever imagined. A fleet emerged from the Eye, a great armada of silver ships, graceful and elegant, moving unstoppably towards the small blue planet in the distance at speeds beyond human comprehension. And the people of Earth watched them come: steadily, silently.

    Efforts were made to contact the craft, but there was no reply … Panic spread.

    Thanos (Earth-616)

    There was talk of the end of the world, of imminent destruction. Riots crippled the great cities, and mass suicides occurred among the more extreme religious cults, convinced that their souls would be magicked up to the approaching starships. But wherever it was that their souls ended up, it was not on those ships. The fleet stopped somewhere near Mars, and the Earth braced itself for attack. Some people fled to bunkers, others sought shelter in underground stations and subway systems, or retreated into caves.

    They waited for explosions and devastation, but none came. National defense systems shut down, but hospitals did not, and warplanes fell from the sky while commercial jets landed safely. All control had been seized by an outside force, but one that appeared careful to avoid more fatalities than were necessary. Still, fatalities there were. The silver ships sat silently above, while below, society fell apart.

    There was looting and murder. Mass exoduses from the cities began. Cattle and livestock were stolen and slaughtered for food, so farmers began to shoot trespassers. After a mere three days, armies were firing on their own citizens. All that mattered was survival. Then, on the fourth day, power was restored selectively to the hearts of nine capital cities across the world: Washington, London, Beijing, New Delhi, Abuja, Moscow, Brasilia, Canberra and Berlin.

    A single word was sent to every computer in every government office.