Manual The Revenant Virus Episode 2 (Zombie Book Thriller)

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In this alternate and impossible ending, Chow bumps into her while in Angkor Wat. A subtle change this one, and one that was in the end jettisoned for the more magical, and somewhat uncertain ending for Elliot, but one that ultimately rewards both his and the audiences faith in the film.

We've been on this journey for many days. We are adventurous, searching for experience, and if we don't got any, then we're not going to be able to survive in this world. Goodbye, E. The next scene shows a happy Elliot playing with other children. It gives the film far more closure, and shows Elliot adapting and getting on with his life, but in doing so sacrifices the sense of wonder that the real ending engenders in us.

Pandemic (The Extinction Files) by A G Riddle Audiobook Part 1

He is also able to help out a client he swindled for the firm and warn his buddy Vin Diesel to get out. However, in the slightly more homicidal alternate ending, the swindled client Harry decides to get a little revenge on the firm, including his chief tormentor Seth, by packing a gun and heading on down to their offices. On his way in, he bumps into Seth and drops his stuff, including his gun, only for Seth to help him and go on his way — the two had never met face to face, sparing Seth the oncoming shoot-out.

X-Me n: The Last Stand had a number of different endings. The theatrical cut of Donnie Darko is an ace film, which leaves things unanswered in an entirely satisfactory way, as well as showing restraint in its often beautiful imagery. Similar to the above Butch Cassidy ending, the iconic finale for this film was nearly ruined by showing just a little too much.

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Instead of their death dive off the cliff being cut off in glorious flight, instead we would have seen the car crash down the mountain in a fiery blaze, confirming their deaths. Not surprisingly, considering its troubled production history, Game Of Death features a couple of alternate endings. Originally shot in the early 70s, but interrupted by Bruce Lee leaving to make Enter The Dragon and then his tragic death, the second version of Game Of Death was pieced together using footage from the earlier filming, stand-ins, and other footage of Lee. In the international ending, Lee defeats the evil Dr Land, and rescues Ann.

In one alternative ending, the emergency services arrive after, with the police arresting Lee, and the ambulance taking away Dr Land, while in a more poignant ending, Lee takes Ann to the harbour to say goodbye to her, and the final scene is a boat sailing away and a picture of the great man.

One of the most famous recent alternate endings, this had a much trumped new finale filmed and inserted on the suggestion of Steven Spielberg, which despite the hype, amounted to a cheap scare of a demon flying at the camera. When the police arrive, they eventually shoot a spaced out knife wielding Katie. In another twist, Katie again kills Micah downstairs, before returning to the room, walking up to the camera and slitting her own throat.

In this Hong Kong crime classic, Triad mole Andy Lau is able to waltz away scot-free from his crimes such as murder and being a mole , thereby providing a moral dilemma for the audience as well as a gut punch for their expectations, and setting up Lau for the sequel Infernal Affairs III.

The Returned: hanging out with Victor and the French undead

Written into the script, and only changed at the last minute, instead of our heroes Peter and Francine deciding not to kill themselves and instead fly off into the sky in a partially fuelled helicopter, they actually do commit suicide — Peter by shooting himself, and Francine by putting her head into the helicopter blades. The end credits would then show the blades slowly shutting down, as the helicopter ran out of fuel, showing that they would have been doomed anyway. A bleak ending to a already bleak film, there remains much foreshadowing of their potential fate left in the movie, but perhaps Romero felt it would leave the audience feeling there was no hope at all for humanity?

An ending here which would have put a different spin on the entire trilogy, The Bourne Identity could have had an amazingly cheesy Hollywood ending, where instead of sharing a quiet embrace after reuniting with Marie, Bourne instead goes full on teen romance with a huge make-out session beneath a beach sunset and romantic backing track.

Kudos to Stallone for choosing the right path.

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I place this in here as an example of the utter insanity that exists in Hollywood. How could anyone genuinely think this would have been a good idea to put on screen? They then ask for a slow dance and everyone lives happily ever after. The original ending of Dodgeball was darkly hilarious. The scene is set for a triumphant victory for the Average Joes, only for White Goodman to spoil the party at the last second and win it for GloboGym.

Cue anguished shots of the defeated Vince Vaughn, and a slo-mo homoerotic close-up of the celebrating victors, and then bam, straight into the credits. Setting up the sequels, and leading directly on to the barnstorming Terminator 2, the alternate ending has a group of company suits hiding the Terminator remains from the police during the clean-up at the factory.

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The film ends by showing the camera panning out from the factory to show it was owned by none other than Cyberdyne Systems. The temporal shenanigans make my head hurt. The late, great Tony Scott has left us with this classic amongst many others. If Tarantino had got his way, Clarence would have indeed died after being shot, another wasted life caught up in crime, and Alabama would have been seen at the end hitchhiking in Mexico, dreaming of a life that could have been.

In this version however, Esther escapes the film alive and well. Returning to her room with a bloody face full of cuts, she applies her make-up and prosthetics which helped her pass for a child, and greets the police at the door before leaving, apparently to freedom. While the previously unknown fate of Sarsgaard is confirmed his dead body lies on the floor , there is no indication of what happened to Farmiga and her other daughter, leaving something of a cliff hanger.

Tracy comes to visit him in order to test drive a car. Both offer an apology for their actions, before Tracy asks her former teacher to sign her empty yearbook. I love The Birds. However, what always ruins it for me is the ending, where the birds just stop attacking people and sit around instead while the Brenners escape. After realising his time-travel misadventures are only causing harm to himself and everyone he loves in the future, Kutcher originally decides to go back and make sure he never meets the love of his life, in order to spare her from any pain.

Arguing over how to treat them hostile or friendly the SEALs send a timed nuke down to destroy them, which is stopped by Ed Harris sacrificing himself to stop it. However, it is this sacrifice that moves the aliens to save him, and return everyone to the surface. Which makes no sense. How I personally wish the film had ended this way.

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Not so that we would be spared the Rambo sequels of diminishing returns, but that First Blood would ultimately get the finale it had been building towards all the way. Unlike its war adventure sequels, First Blood was a psychological action thriller more concerned with the effects of the Vietnam War on the minds of returning soldiers than it was with blowing things up and a gruesome body count. One of the more tonally different alternate endings is this one from the third Die Hard movie.

Set some time after the events of the film, we find a triumphant Simon Gruber hiding out in Hungary and not being shot down and killed by John McClane while attempting to escape in a helicopter. After successfully smuggling out the gold and double crossing all his partners, Simon is tracked down by a bitter and jaded McClane, who has been blamed for the crimes committed by Simon and forced out of the NYPD. He then forces Simon to play a game of Russian Roulette called McClane says, using a rocket launcher with the sights and targeting arrows removed.

But then I thought it was amazing, and a real brave choice. So Clerks , hey? At one time it had a very different conclusion, which would have seen Dante brutally gunned down by a robber, who casually steps over his dead body while taking money from the till. For a shocking twist, this would have been hard to beat, and added yet another barb on disposable culture that the film so mercilessly takes apart, but at the same time it kind of feels like a cheap shot pun almost intended and jarring to the rest of the film.

Smith wisely chose to leave it out, but it remains a fascinating hint at what might have been.

Although featuring a pretty satisfying conclusion, it appears that Danny Boyle had several other ideas for his rage virus opus. All of these involved poor Jim dying.

Manual The Revenant Virus Episode 2 (Zombie Book Thriller)

Selena and Hannah then leave, with the hospital doors swinging behind them and an ominous fade to black. In the second alternate ending, designed to follow this, we see the girls being rescued from the cottage, except without Jim by their side. Instead, Selena talks to a chicken. Inside they find a scientist, who tells them the only way to save Frank is to do a complete blood transfusion on him, and that Jim is the only match. No plot. Budget is not an issue. Have fun. Social commentary?